7 “Natural Beauty Recipes” That Actually Work

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Girls who love beauty Often heard On the subject of many natural beauty recipes that can be made by yourself. Which recipe to use? So we have developed a beauty care formula. What are the recipes?

Face mask recipes

Turmeric is a Thai herb that we know well. Regarding the maintenance of the skin to be smooth, bright and reduce acne as well. This formula is a very popular facial treatment formula, where women can mix turmeric powder with milk, honey or turmeric juice with plain water before applying to the face and leave it for about 5 – 10 minutes. Wash off Turmeric contains a mild batter disinfectant. Therefore suitable to be used with girls with acne And sensitive skin as well

Curly hair

t is a natural beauty formula. That do beautiful hair without relying on the heat for me Suitable for all hair types as well. Using lemon juice Help in making curls A simple trick is if it’s a young woman with oily hair. Can be rubbed on the hair with lemon juice straight, if it is a girl with dry hair Then mixed lemon juice with water to spray on me To prevent hair from being too dry.

  • Divide the hair into small sections. Size enough curl
  • Use lemon juice to spray into divided hair sections.
  • Roll the curls into the curling iron and store.
  • Repeat until all hair is collected and go to bed.
  • Take your hair off in the morning. Curly hair will stay longer and have a beautiful style

Simple white teeth

Let’s continue with our natural teeth whitening formula using baking soda, lemon juice, and water. We’ll use 3 teaspoons of baking powder mixed with 2 teaspoons lemon juice and a little water. Then dipped in cotton butts. Use it to scrub your teeth thoroughly and leave it for 30 seconds before brushing your teeth. Rinse normally 2-3 times a week. I saw a whiter tooth in 6 weeks.

Reduce under the black eyes

Under the black eyes is a barrier that strongly interferes with the beauty of women, especially when staying late. The more obvious it is, but women can easily fix under the black eyes. Just use tea bags left over from brewing tea. Put on the eyes for 15 – 20 minutes regularly before bedtime. Antioxidants in tea Will brighten the skin under the eyes Don’t be afraid to be a panda.

Moist lips

Pink lips are not dark, everyone wants it. And the easiest way is to walk into the kitchen to get the sugar in the jar. And bring it to dig the lips When wet all over, scrub gently for 30 seconds and rinse. Do it regularly, not for long, girls will get pink lips already.

Peeling pimples

Pimples around the nose are a disturbance that everyone can meet. So we have to take a way that can get rid of blackheads. I use only egg white and tissue. By using a tissue dipped in egg white to soak Put on the nose Lie down and wait for the egg white to dry and pull it out. The pimple will come off the tissue will come out. But have to tolerate the smell of eggs a little For this uafbet formula.

Accelerate long eyelashes

Anyone whose eyelashes are so short that they have to rely on false eyelashes often Let’s accelerate the long eyelashes by yourself. Simple value. No need to use much serum. Just before going to bed, girls bring old mascara brushes to wash them thoroughly. And then dipped in Vaseline Then apply to brush the lashes all over and sleep Do it on a daily basis to assure that the eyelashes will grow new, long and thick, naturally.

7 natural beauty recipes every woman can do Does not cause irritation Except who lost anything Leave that formula Do it regularly It’s definitely more beautiful with results!